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Digital Car Battery Charger

Digital Car Battery Charger

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Voltage: 12V

Minimum starting voltage: 8.0V

Material: ABS

Item Width: 12CM

Item Weight: 0.455

Item Type: Battery Charger

Item Length: 22CM

Item Height: 7CM

Input voltage: AC 110-220V, 50-60Hz

Feature 9: 12v 6a car charger

Feature 8: 12v battery charger

Feature 7: car accesorries

Feature 6: 12v 6a

Feature 5: car battery charge

Feature 4: 12v motorcycle battery

Feature 2: battery charger for car

Feature 12: charger 12v car battery

Feature 10: charger fully automatic repair accesorries

Feature 1: battery charger 12v fully automatic

Feature 3: 12V 6A Intelligent Car Motorcycle Battery Charger

Feature 28: automatic charger power 12v

Feature 27: 12v charger overcharging

Feature 26: 6a 12v battery charger

Feature 25: charger 6a 12v car battery

Feature 24: 12v 6a intelligent car motorcycle battery charger

Feature 23: 6a 12 car battery charger

Feature 22: car charger 12v battery 6a full automatic

Feature 21: car charger 12v battery 6a

Feature 20: car charger 12v battery automatic

Feature 19: for car motorcycle accesorries

Feature 18: digital car battery charger fully automatic

Feature 17: 6a car accesorries

Feature 16: battery charger fully automatic accesorries

Feature 15: battery charger fully charge

Feature 14: fully automatic repair charge car accesorries

Feature 13: battery repair charger 12v

Feature 11: 6a car accesorries

Feature: Motorcycle Car Battery Charger

Comply with standards: CE, FCC, ROHS, CMA

Battery range: 4-100Ah


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